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Inspiramais live with carol garcia and lucius vilar: we need to think about what the consumer will want for this new life

April 14 2020

A relaxed, very informative chat. Inspiramais Live with Carol Garcia and conducted by Inspiramais consultant Lucius Villar was one of the most inspiring conversations in this series conducted by Sebrae and Assintecal and transmitted to Instagram through @Inspiramaisoficial´s Instagram.

Among the various topics, the fashion consultant, at the Bureau de Estilo, and with a history as a stylist for major retail brands such as Marisa, Riachuelo and Pernambucanas - spoke about consumer perceptions regarding the Covid19 pandemic and the changes that are taking place. Carol Garcia explained her perception throughout the conversation.

“At first, we were denying or even amusingly talking about the fact, then we entered the state of awareness where a change begins with the concern for the health of groups at risk and how we can help in this confusion. The next phases will be scientism, the search for solutions, for sharing security measures and strategies. That was where the states of empathy and poetic actions appeared: videos with singers, music in the windows, applauses for nurses and doctors. Then a self-reflection, if we are getting fat, the roots of our hair growing out, how we should occupy our time..."

Carol continued to project what will come next. “We are going through the states of rejecting politicians, companies, and the confinement that can lead to domestic violence and daily confrontations. Then come the collective values - the strength of online meetings - smart work and the importance of affective and professional ties. Mobilization is a step forward when faced with opportunities to help others by sharing knowledge and feelings. There is also an expansion of the sense of well-being, with ideas on how to survive in this pandemic, classes, yoga and language courses, etc.

And finally, we will have a time for opportunities, and of the innovation that all this confinement is bringing us. Driving the ideas of how the internet can be an outlet and even delivery solutions for services other than food, thus generating new marketing and sales processes.


Another important point was the understanding that at this time we are living, the stocks of materials gain enormous importance. “It is time to use what we have, and that will require a lot of creativity. This motivation is fundamental for small businesses, as they will generate new opportunities for the creation and commercialization of products”.


Carol also stressed the importance of rethinking prototypes in all segments of the industry, indicating the virtual path for making hologram samples so they can be commercialized, without generating prototyping, modeling and materials costs.


Carol drew attention to the Latin American market and how the fashion industry can connect and supply products to companies in Latin America that are short of materials and will not receive their orders from Chinese companies, creating a space for Brazilian products.

On the path of world transformation, Carol exalted the importance of nature and its quick regeneration. During this lock down, the skies of Chinese cities are unpolluted, dolphins appear in Venice and, even in São Paulo, air with quality rates had not been recorded for a long time.


“It's time to slow down to better understand what we're going through and undoubtedly relearn how to live. We don't need a new outfit, we need a new life! So we need to think about what the consumer will want for this new life”, she added.

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