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The program of solutions in Innovation and sustainability for fashion

Each half-year, Inspiramais launches over 1000 materials, which are developed by companies participating in the event. It is held twice a year and receives 150 exhibitors and over 10,000 qualified visitors – including entrepreneurs from the footwear, clothing and furniture industries, as well as designers, stylists and opinion makers. In addition, the event features talks and a display of projects.

Under the coordination of Walter Rodrigues and curated by consultants, Inspiramais is the result of a cycle that begins with the study of socio-economic, cultural, and global aspects and consumer behavior around the world. It features the creation and development of materials, innovative in design and technology, at the participating companies.

The initiative aims to promote the development of materials that can convey to the consumer essential and true values, which is something crucial for companies to achieve success.

Our Figures
  • 31.000 users
  • 650 Materials
  • 150 Exhibitors
  • 71 talks

Why Exhibit

Inspiramais is the ideal place for you to plan your collections in advance, since the materials on display are developed based on research for the next season. The event brings together over seven thousand visitors from the fashion industry, including national and international buyers from all over the world. In addition to giving visibility to the exhibiting companies, the Exhibition allows them to diversify and open new markets, thus generating great results.

Be an Exhibitor

Why Visit

Over 900 products and an enriching schedule of activities are in themselves enough to attract visitors to an event. However, Inspiramais goes beyond that! It features 150 exhibitors, inspiring and innovative materials and special projects that present the main fashion references in advance, backed by the credibility of the research conducted by renowned designers.

Register early online, avoid the lines and speed up your entry to the exhibition.

For further information, please contact us by emailing at:

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Where to stay

Where to stay

  • Hotel Ibis Porto Alegre Aeroporto Av. das Indústrias, 1342
    Navegantes - Porto Alegre/RS
    Visit the website
  • Hotel Ibis Porto Alegre Assis Brasil Av. Assis Brasil, 9300
    Sarandi - Porto Alegre/RS
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  • Hotel Ibis Porto Alegre Moinhos de Vento R. Marquês do Herval, 540
    Moinhos de Vento - Porto Alegre/RS
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  • Hotel Quality Porto Alegre R. Comendador Caminha, 42
    Moinhos de Vento - Porto Alegre/RS
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  • Hotel Intercity Porto Alegre Aeroporto R. Prof. Sarmento Barata, 360
    Navegantes - Porto Alegre/RS

    Phone: (51) 3325-7700
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  • Hotel Master Express Dom Pedro II R. Dom Pedro II, 37
    São João - Porto Alegre/RS

    Phone: (51) 2123-7800
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  • Hotel Laghetto Stilo Higienópolis Rua Inácio Vasconcelos, 49
    Boa Vista - Porto Alegre/RS

    Phone: (51) 3302-2400
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  • Novotel Porto Alegre Airpor Av. Severo Dullius, 2055
    Anchieta - Porto Alegre/RS

    Phone: (51) 3302-7600
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  • Hotel Express Aeroporto Av. Farrapos, 4655
    Navegantes - Porto Alegre/RS

    Phone: (51) 3022-2020
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  • Hotel Master Cosmopolitan R. Félix da Cunha, 712
    Moinhos de Vento - Porto Alegre/RS

    Phone: (51) 3269-8600
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Exhibition Floor Plan

Exhibition Floor Plan

How To Get to the Exhibition Venue

How To Get to the Exhibition Venue


Estamos próximos dos seguintes aeroportos:

Aeroporto Internacional Salgado Filho – Porto Alegre
Av. Severo Dullius, 90.010 - Anchieta, Porto Alegre - RS, 90200-310
Distância: 11km


Estações próximas:

Estação Anchieta (Porto Alegre) – Trensurb
Distância: em torno de 10km

Estação Aeroporto (Porto Alegre) - Trensurb
Distância: em torno de 11km


Linhas de transporte público:

Transporte Público – Terminal Praça Parobé (Centro):
Linha 627 – Agostinho
Linha 727 – Agostinho / Sertório
Linha SD72 – Santa Rosa / Anchieta - Semidireto
Linha SD73 – Fernando Ferrari / Anchieta – Semidireto

A60 – Alimentadora Assis Brasil / FIERGS (Terminal Triangulo)

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