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Safety formula for customers. Live 04/07 from inspiramais

April 14 2020

Expanding the possibilities of sustainable use and doing good for the planet, and enabling alternatives for companies to provide safe conditions for their customers during this unusual moment we are facing.

This was the chat that Renan Serrano and Flávia Vanelli had in another Inspiramais Live held by Sebrae and Assintecal and broadcast live on @Inspiramaisoficial´s Instagram.

Today's live makes the importance of research and investigation to promote Innovation clear!

By paying attention to the consumers of their clothing brand, and their need to maintain their pieces, Renan discovered a new path. The creation of a product that can be applied to clothes with an antibacterial function that protects clothes and people.

The investigative spirit combined with alliances with companies and development agencies such as Apex, result in the success of Vista.Bio!

For Renan, the important thing is to always think of the user as the center of everything and provide them with innovative products that have a commitment to the planet and that make them feel part of the universe!

With the theme TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION TO OVERCOME CHALLENGES, Renan Serrano can talk a little more about the alternatives of - a pioneer company in the development of the formula with nanoprotection technology, which helps to create a protective barrier from contagion on people and reduces the need to wash clothes.

“ has two properties: it acts on clothing and fires microparticles with essential oils, among other properties. What we did was an experiment in the laboratory so that the essential oil particles stay in the clothes and destroy viruses. The product becomes antiviral and antiseptic. You can apply the protection and it stays on your clothes”, said the CEO and master in textile processes, with an emphasis in biotechnology, which is in the process of research and testing to increase the effectiveness of the formula with coronavirus in mind.

The product process led to the conversation about the e-commerce market and the guarantee of companies' security with their consumers, such as cleaning their products for e-commerce and small brands in this crisis.

Flavia Vanelli, consultant at Inspiramais recalled that fashion delivery now enters as a solution for the market, where Fashion Bags with various products can be sent to customers. How can safety be guaranteed then? “Solutions like ours, of applying the formula to the products of these companies creates security. The entire fashion mix, as well as the entire chain that the product encompasses, it is necessary to think about providing safety as a whole - from the employee to the final consumer”.

Serrano also commented that innovation is the only solution. “A human being is diverse, they know how to sew, iron clothes, cook, shop... A company must absorb the same aspect: be alive in the same way, act as a living organism, be committed to innovation and sustainability, as innovation is based on the exchange of information, relationships and questions. Today we value perspectives that flee from the traditional company. Everything in life has its value: the person at the cash register is responsible for me doing my shopping, for example. It is a chain”, he emphasized.

On other paths and opportunities, the example is an example to follow: from the idea of developing a product to provide people's well-being, Bio has already been accumulating customers like Farm, an interest of companies in China wanting to know more about the product to ensure that people go to factories to work, Uber is interested too. The brand has even opened pre-sales on the website to speed up production processes.

The attributes we value in products today are undergoing a major change. Open innovation and sharing solutions will help businesses to overcome challenges and demands, whether technological or sustainable.

And all this to add! “Everything we use today has something manipulated and everything is in nature. Today, sustainable innovation is already a worldwide practice”. A sustainable attitude too! “We always want to act with the best practices and maintain the collaborative chain. We are not interested in our own factory and we chose to approve factories for this. And keep the chain active. We want to talk to the end consumer and they can apply the product to the clothes they choose to use - the idea is to align with the consumer and that they understand the experiences as being unique.

The Live chat, full of applauses, questions and hearts floating across the screen, can also be seen on Inspiramais´ instagram - a live archive of how to successfully cope with moments of readaptation and it is also available on youtube through the 


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