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INSPIRAMAIS: Free Spirit, sustainability and creativity

March 20 2020
Proposal for 2021_II season´s slogan is to re-coin 

The 21st edition of Inspiramais, the only Material Design and Innovation Exhibit in Latin America, which will take place on July 07 and 08, at Centro de Eventos Pro Magno, in São Paulo, presents a reflection on the moment of (r)evolution that we are witnessing for the 2021_II edition. 

Under the Free Spirit theme, the existence of a reorganization in the way of thinking and making fashion will be discussed, guiding us by a free spirit and an ecological conscience, consistent with new principles, proposing a reinvention through creativity

The proposal arises with the development of responsible thinking in the midst of a scenario in which change is necessary and urgent. In a fluid movement in the face of chaos, proposing an awakening to a path that leads to transparency, human values and sustainability. Very important topics, especially for new consumers.  

“We are experiencing a whirlwind of urgencies, which awaken us to reuse and balanced consumption. This new thinking reconstructs the purpose and motivations that are reflected in all fields, including fashion. It's not about Profit anymore, it's about finding a business model balance, it's not just about dressing, it's also about representing. They are no longer just clothes, they are people. We are living a re-assignment, which is structured based on inclusion and responsibility, generating more humane and more consistent values in relation to the role of the collective.” Walter Rodrigues explains, designer, researcher and coordinator of the Inspiramais Design Center.

“Thus, thinking sustainably is one of the emergencies in the current context. Thought needs to be plural, to circulate in an environment with multiple representations, embracing its purposes and 'dressing' the discourse of change. Only then will we reactivate the creativity dormant from fast fashion and supply the needs emerging in the current scenario. Creativity will make us fluids to circulate in an environment of multiple representations, that is Free Spirit”, adds the coordinator of the Nucleus.

Sustainability, inclusion, empathy, transparency and new business models are the points of intersection between Free Spirit and BCBG.

This will be the theme for Inspiramais 2021_II.

It is worth remembering that entrance to the Exhibit is free for professionals of the sector and the next edition´s date is already set, which will take place on July 07 and 08, at Centro de Eventos Pro Magno, in São Paulo.  More information can be obtained at

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