INSPIRAMAIS 2021_I - FREE SPIRIT - AUGUST 05 (9a.m to 7p.m) AND 06 (9a.m to 6p.m), 2020
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Sustainability and Creative connection Space

January 27 2020
SYNCHRONY is also present in Inspiramais´ special projects. Serving the most diverse sectors and in line with the season's proposal, the 2021_I Sustainability Space was created to give visibility and incentive to jobs and companies that believe in sustainability as a unique feature of their products. 

Companies participating at the Space have an explicit inclination for innovation and whose main theme is sustainable engagement as a product advantage, factors that enhance the search for competitiveness and quality in the national fashion market.
“Today, there is an urgent demand for sustainability, to have more balance, respect, efficiency in productivity and to meet these demands with more transparency, meeting the needs of the consumer. It needs to be a reality that only tends to grow” says the space curator and designer Flávia Vanelli, from the Inspiramais Design Center. 

Among the highlights of the project is the biopolymer made from dextrose - sugar, most of the time, derived from the corn culture, from Cofrag, which has characteristics similar to those of polyester from fossil sources. Cofrag also has another highlight, Eco-Care, a polyamide recycled through the combination of environmental concern and research and development.
And Top Shoes Knit Uppers, a fabric made from PET waste, which can be applied to different shoes, with an aspect similar to a full-bodied, resistant, durable and extremely comfortable sock.
On the other hand, Creative Connection is a space for companies to present impact components and new features for the fashion market, encouraging the plurality and richness of Brazilian design and crafts.  

A transformative project that encourages and supports initiatives that oxygenate the market and instigates a new generation of values that mix multiplicity, sustainability and technology. 
An example of the result of the action are Cerradouro Biojoias´ botanical and handcrafted jewels, which use raw material from the Cerrado biome and the backyards of Minas Gerais. The leaves and flowers are metallized in metal baths, being perpetuated and transformed into products with natural complements. Another highlight is the flexible jewelry, from the partnership between Flex Jewel and Seringô, resulting in pieces made of latex transformed with açaí silica.
Another interesting result is the partnership between artisan and creator Flor Silva and Gissa Bicalho, from Minas Gerais, member of Associação Brasileira de Estilistas [Brazilian association of stylists] (ABEST), with the presentation of an acrylic and piassava weave bag, in addition to the work between designer Flávia Amadeu, also a member of ABEST, with latex biojewels and Swarovski Professional crystals. 
“Swarovski's entry into Creative Connection points out the possibilities and the interaction that a large company can have with small and copyrighted ones, including recognizing the creative potential of small entrepreneurs. A great company that enters and only adds to the project, we move faster in the solutions in sustainable products”, says Flávia Vanelli, who also coordinates the project.

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