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Connection with the market and assertive products

January 27 2020
Sustainability is the main motto of the season and SYNCHRONY is the keyword. The theme discusses the connectivity between the various aspects of fashion: an interpretation and reinterpretation of concepts, which contain the old and the new, a reflection of who we are and the layers that build us. Among the references used is Renaissance thinking. 

“The speed of information and its decentralization and the evolutions of science and technology produce various points of view that connect in a skin-deep world, in which truths, lies, what is beautiful and what we want to hide, connect and come to light. We have never seen so many references available to people and are in the midst of a process of effervescence and the constant revision of concepts about the notion of humanity. A creative effervescence”, explains Walter Rodrigues.

In this edition, the product methodology undergoes a transformation, gaining a segmentation, divided by islands, which focus on Luxury, Casual, Technological, Performance and Craft - presenting suggested items for the 10%, 30% and 60% of the pyramid on each island.


“In reality, we understand that there is an evolution for everything, we have killed the pyramid methodology because it is a marker and gives a very clear perception of how companies can act in the market, in product development. But now, communication at this new time, in which we understand that the speed of the world makes us look at fashion full circle (with the figure that opens the presentation of the survey that represents all the sectors) understand that footwear interferes in clothes, furniture, jewelry, we put a new way of presenting the research, separating by islands, but in a very consistent way, which will help the stylist and the entrepreneur even more when choosing their materials to create products and make a productive mix of materials that are innovative”, the coordinator explains

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