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Inspiramais: Linked to sustainability, Swarovski Professional sponsors the Creative and Commercial Connection project

January 13 2020
Swarovski Professional has just made another commitment to sustainability and will be present at Inspiramais, Latin America's premier Design Exhibit, as a sponsor of the Creative and Commercial Connection Project. The project, carried out by Assintecal with support from ABEST (Associação Brasileira de Estilistas) [Brazilian association of designers], takes place during the event, on January 14 and 15, at the Pro Magno Event Center, in São Paulo.  With free admission to industry professionals, registration and information can now be obtained through the site 

Creative and Commercial Connection is a transformative project that motivates and supports initiatives that oxygenate the market, encouraging a new generation of values, bringing together plurality, sustainability and technology. As a result, the creation of unique pieces, with responsible approaches, produced by businesses from different regions of the country, with products and works that clearly illustrate the growth of sustainability engagement in fashion. Among the differentials, the project seeks innovations in material components characterized by attributes of imagination, creativity, inspiration and concepts of sustainability and innovation.

 “Swarovski is a company that has been closely linked to sustainability since its founding in 1895, when its visionary founder, Daniel Swarovski, was already concerned about the environmental and social impacts of his business. For this reason, Swarovski is a pioneer in the development of toxic-free crystals and is always ensuring that its entire production chain is responsible. As a result, we work with six of ONU´s (UN´s) Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), including: Women's Empowerment, Fair Partnerships, Water Management, Sustainable Innovation and Conscious Design. When we seek partnerships, it is mandatory that they are aligned with our values, which is why we have decided to sponsor the edition of the Creative and Commercial Connection, which takes place at Inspiramais. We believe this is a unique opportunity to spread the word about Swarovski's mission and products, solutions and projects within this very relevant topic, and to connect with like-minded audiences. So we look forward to the event and look forward to everyone's visit at our Stand and the Creative and Commercial Connection”, says Ana Paula Blanco Limonge, Latin America Marketing Manager for Swarovski Professional.

In this issue, we have a new partnership between Assintecal and ABEST designers, where during the semester, they developed prototypes together with the companies of materials selected for the project, with the objective of instigating the collaborations, and these products will be exhibited at Inspiramais. With this, Swarovski Professional, in addition to sponsoring the project and exhibiting in an exclusive booth (H - 48), will also have prototypes developed by designer Flávia Amadeu, which will be exhibited in the Creative and Commercial Connection space.  

Building national fashion
Inspiramais is a milestone in the history of building national fashion. Moreover, a point of reference for the entire industry of the production chain, joining projects and exhibitors that cover clothing, jewelery, footwear, furniture and automotive sectors. Thus, the Exhibit offers a wide range of materials that build identity for Brazilian products, adding value through sustainability and technology.

Creative and Commercial Connection Project
Implemented by: Assintecal
Institutional Support: SEBRAE
Sponsorship: Swarovski Professional
Support: ABEST

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