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Leather Preview goes beyond aesthetic trends and seeks to understand consumer behavior and product positioning

January 13 2020
"Feeling good" in the clothes we wear is no longer strictly appearance or comfort: it is about feeling good about representing something, about having a purpose. So we believe that the “creativity” somewhat forgotten in these times of high volumes and stratospheric profits - has today become an important word.

It is in this context, explained by consultant and designer Marnei Carmenatti, that the Leather Preview will present its extensive work of materials research and color chart to the fashion market, thus translating the references for the next collections for the entire fashion industry. This industry will use the references and products for the footwear, textile and accessories, furniture, automotive and jewelry segments.

The project aims to encourage the leather sector in the creation, improvement and commercial promotion of finished and authentic leather, fostering the image of this product and tanneries abroad, increasing sales possibilities and enhancing the entire chain.

Reflection on the current of connectivity, content and technology in which we live linked to sustainability, the understanding of a new consumer behavior, positioning strategies and, above all, creativity are the main research guidelines that each season produces materials with the anticipation of trends.  
 The presentation will take place during the 20th edition of Inspiramais - Latin America's only innovation and materials design show, which will take place on January 14 and 15, celebrating a decade of presentation of information and innovative products to the market, exhibited at special spaces, like the Leather Preview. 
“We talked about creativity, inclusion and community, longevity and sustainability, respect and kindness - what we believe in and why. These very important values today are being expressed and demonstrated in action by long established international brands and new brands around the world - which influence the market by generating consumer trends. Thus, for 2021_II, we will show not only aesthetic trends, but understanding consumer behavior, positioning strategies, and especially much inspiration”, comments Marnei Carminatti, designer and consultant who coordinates the execution of the Leather Preview. 

For this, the Leather Preview is based on two scenarios:

The first, with a young audience eager for change, challenges the way society and the market are organized, seeking meaning from new purposeful practices through creative 

chaos, manifest their intentions and rebuild a more responsible and inclusive world with more human values and are always connected to the collective.

In the second, BCBG stands for Bon Chic Bon Genre, an expression that was born in France to define a group of people who follow the same lifestyle. BCBG: In the face of a market with a saturated supply, brands feel the need to focus on their values and redefine their fundamentals. 

Participating Companies:

Check out the participating tanneries of this edition of the project: Baby Leather, Couroquímica, Curtume Cacique, Faf Couros, Finileather, Fuga Couros, Nova Kaeru, Ocm Couros, Ravagnani& Cia Curtume Andradina, Romeu Couros, Romicouros, Santa Croce, Secctrade, TreAnytry, Treat Couros and Zitty Couros. 
Another important point will be the Leather Preview lecture, which will be held within Inspiramais's presentation menu, which will be attended by coordinator Marnei Carminatti, as well as Daniel Ormeleze, Ellen Palma, Manuela Tonani and Ramon Soares, consultants for the project. 

The Leather Preview is hosted by the Centro das Indústrias de Curtume do Brasil [Brazilian Tannery Industries Center] (CICB), Assintecal, Abit, Tex Brasil, By Brasil Components and Chemicals and the Brazilian Leather project, a CICB partnership with the Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos [Brazilian export and investment promotion agency] (Apex-Brasil) to encourage leather exports.

Admission to Inspiramais is free for industry professionals and will take place at the Pro Magno Event Center in São Paulo. More information can be obtained at

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