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Sustainability Rounds generates over 600 contacts between suppliers and buyers

November 07 2019
On October 15th, Inspiramais held the Rodadas de sustentabilidade [Sustainability Rounds] - Assintecal's initiative to bring together companies of components that present green products with buyers in the footwear market, in Novo Hamburgo.  In order to stimulate more and more responsible fashion, the event held more than 600 contacts, among 29 shoe companies with 53 component suppliers. 

The action took place at the Swan Tower hotel and was attended by the buying companies: 4b Shoes & Leather (Colombian buyer) Burana Shoes (Colombian buyer), ADG Export, Aniger, Alpargatas/Havaianas, Arezzo&Co, Beira Rio, Camuto Group, Bibi, Dakota, Dilly, Sports, Everlast, Grendene, Cambuci Group (Penalty), Lia Line, Mariotta, Nike, Pampili, Piccadilly, Sugar Shoes, Urban Flowers, Usaflex, Vulcabras/  Azaleia, Via Uno, Veja/Vert Shoes, Vinci Shoes and Zani Barcelos.
Participating suppliers took their sustainable based products, involving organic, biodegradable, reused, recycled and recyclable materials. Coconut fiber rubber soles, insoles made from household waste, biodegradable laces, PET fabrics and biodegradable technical products were among the materials presented.

Check out some testimonials from the buyers:

“I think it's really cool that we're here talking about sustainability and looking for some solutions, because it's what our customers demand. We really need to do this and there are suppliers who are bringing in really cool ideas that we definitely want to apply right away.” Luiza - Pampili designer
“It's been a beneficial day, something extremely focused with companies dedicated to seeking and presenting different products aimed at the footwear segment, because it comes to the fact that what we and what other companies are looking for, which are innovative products, aimed at sustainability issues.” Ailton – Vulcabrás Azaléia 

“These events are very important for this increasingly growing sector (sustainability) and companies are paying more and more attention. Here several suppliers that have this focus on innovation come together and from what I am seeing here, they are suppliers that are really bringing different things for us. Here I am cataloging products right from the start and I think this meeting will be a great success.” Samuel Fernando Lauck – Usaflex innovation coordinator 

“I think the event is very cool because it encourages this sustainability part, which should be an obligation for all of us to think this way. Not only in the matter of footwear and the raw materials itself, but also of the whole cycle, people, society, what is good, for a better life for everyone. So, as we are responsible for raw materials and green thinking, we are finding it wonderful to have this incentive from the whole Assintecal group, partners and suppliers. It's a cool exchange experience from all sides and we're happy to have been invited to participate.” Carol - Vinci Shoes 

Inspiramais is sustainability

The 10-year edition of Inspiramais focuses even more on sustainable projects. The event will take place on January 14 and 15, 2020, in São Paulo. For this edition, there will be specific curatorship of projects that promote sustainability within the Brazilian identity and sectors - in addition, the Inspiramais app has replaced a series of informative printed materials such as notices, event maps, schedule, exhibitor list. Now, it is all in the palm of your hand without the use of paper.

For this edition, all printed promotional materials have been replaced by materials made from recycled PET bottles and recycled paper. The structures of the event were all designed to be reused in various editions. 

Recognized by the market as the only show that unites different industries with national fashion language and construction method, Inspiramais opens up its registration to the interested public. Inspiramais has free admission for industry professionals and will take place at the Centro de Eventos Pró Magno [event center] in São Paulo. Registrations can be made on the site 

Organized by: Assintecal
Support: CICB and Abicalçados 

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