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Inspiramais is sustainability

November 07 2019
With projects that combine diversity, sustainability and technology, as well as actions focused on the reuse and use of recycled materials, the Exhibit reaffirms its environmental commitment.

Inspiramais, the only innovation and materials exhibit in Latin America, arrives in January, on the 14th and 15th, in its 20th edition, celebrating 10 years with actions related to sustainability. The initiatives are governed by a set of ecologically clear, economically viable and culturally diverse ideas and strategies, starting with the theme of the season - SYNCHRONY - which deals with the interpretation and reinterpretation of concepts.

“SYNCHRONY is an extremely important word, because it means connectivity between various aspects of fashion and especially sustainability, which is of huge importance in the fashion universe today. It is no longer a concept and has become a daily practice and will even impact the choice of conscious consumers in the final product”, says Walter Rodrigues, designer, researcher and coordinator of the Inspiramais Design center.

The Exhibit curates special projects that promote sustainable development within national identity and aimed at various sectors such as Creative and Commercial Connection and Sustainability Space, in addition to Rodadas de Inovação [Surrounded by innovation]- an event promoted by Inspiramais.

Creative and Commercial Connection is a transformative project that motivates and supports initiatives that oxygenate the market, encouraging a new generation of values, bringing together plurality, sustainability and technology. As a result, unique components with responsible approaches produced by businesses from various regions of the country. In the Sustainability Space, several companies present high value products, works that clearly illustrate the growth of environmental engagement in fashion.

Another important point, the structure of the Exhibit is totally focused on reuse, designed to be used in several editions. Each season, in a different way, it uniquely leads the visitor to the business area. Labels that identify all exposed materials also embrace the sustainability bias, produced in PET and recyclable material.

Paper volumes were also rethought. Inspiramais' printed promotional materials have been replaced by items from recycled PET bottles or recycled paper. The Exhibit´s App even led to the extinction of various information such as notices, programming, map and list of exhibitors, allowing information to be accessed in the palm of your hand. 

Inspiramais has free admission for industry professionals and will take place at the Centro de Eventos Pró Magno [event center] in São Paulo. Information can now be obtained through the website 

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