INSPIRAMAIS 2021_I - FREE SPIRIT - JULY 07 (9a.m to 7p.m) AND 08 (9a.m to 6p.m), 2020
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Inspiramais: Sustainability Space will present technologies with environmental and social concern

November 07 2019
The project stimulates and gives visibility to products and companies that believe in sustainability as a competetive advantage

Inspiramais, the only innovation and materials design exhibit in Latin America, arrives in January, on the 14th and 15th, in its 20th edition and celebrates a decade of bold launches, currently focused on footwear, furniture, automotive, clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Under the theme of Synchrony, Inspiramais will discuss the connectivity between various aspects of fashion, highlighting sustainability and technology, a subject also addressed in several special projects, such as the Sustainability Space 2021_I, created to showcase and boost work and companies that believe in sustainability as an advantage for their products.

Organized by Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian association of leather, footwear, and artifact companies] (Assintecal) and Sebrae, the Sustainability Space 2021_I counts with the participation of the companies AMBIENTE VERDE, AMBIPLAST, BRASCHEMICAL, COFRAG, ITM, MK QUÍMICA / SOLUS, OTB, TOP SHOES, TACOSOLA, ALTERO, APTA, and PLASTILUZZI.

Curated by designer Flávia Vanelli from Inspiramais Design Center, the buzzwords of the 2021_I Sustainability Space are: purpose, sustainability, innovation, circularity, quality, performance and productive efficiency; emphasizing sustainability as a generator of positive relations between the natural ecosystem (natural capital), society (human and cultural capital) and the economy (productive and financial capital).

It is worth mentioning that the companies participating in the project have a clear vocation for innovation. They also believe in sustainable engagement as a differential of their products, enhancing the search for competitiveness and quality in the market, such as Ambiente Verde, a company that has reverse logistics in its DNA, with a growing offer of sustainable insoles, packaging, displays and labels.
Among the products that will be shown, the highlight is the high performance, formeldehyde-free, non-toxic, high performance fluorescent yellow pigment EZ-17 from Braschemical; MK Química/Solus' reconstituted shoe leather composite; and the biopolymer made from dextrose - sugar, mostly derived from Cofrag corn crop, which has similar characteristics to polyester from fossil sources.

Cofrag also has another highlight, Eco-Care, a recycled polyamide through the combination of environmental concern and research and development. The recycled polymer enables high quality yarn spinning with retention of virgin fiber properties, excellent color depth and uniformity in regular dyeing processes and no variability in recycled yarn properties.

ITM will soon present the Eco Yarn Natural Dyes, fabric made with recycled cotton yarn, recovered and transformed into new yarn by cooperatives, with dyeing by natural 
dyes. By the way, all product manufacturing is performed with renewable energy, sustainable from the beginning to the end and throughout the process.

Admission to Inspiramais is free for industry professionals and will take place at the Pro Magno Event Center in São Paulo. More information can be obtained at

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