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Walter Rodrigues

Walter Rodrigues is a Brazilian designer who began his career in 1983 as a stylist at Revista Manequim, a magazine published by Editora Abril in São Paulo.
In 1992, he launched a clothing brand named after himself. It was the first Brazilian brand to participate in a Brazilian fashion week, namely Phytoervas Fashion, in 1994. From 2002 to 2006, Walter participated in the Paris Fashion Week. And in 2012 he ended his clothing-making project.
Today, he works as a product design consultant, coordinates the Design and Research Center of the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Manufactured Goods (Assintecal), and provides consulting services to the 'Instituto by Brasil’ (By Brasil Institute). In addition, he is the curator of Design Vision project carried out by Instituto Focus.