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Tatiana Souza

With plenty of experience and sensitivity to develop all the processes and successful activations for a brand or product, Tatiana has a 360-degree view acquired through activities applied to project management, design management, research, strategies and diagnoses, consulting services, branding, and market intelligence. She is a consultant for the Design Center of the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and
Manufactured Goods Assintecal - and Instituto By Brasil (By Brasil Institute), and gives talks during the Inspiramais Connection project. She is also a consultant on design management for the Design Export Program and coordinates creation workshops. In addition, she participates as a consultant at
Inspiramais Materials Design and Innovation Exhibition -, an event that features different fashion and design projects, among which is The Walk
Fashion, headed by Tatiana Souza from its very conception, throughout its development and completion.

On the international stage, she participates in major fashion and sector-oriented trade fairs and conducts the research and development of new components for big brand names in the European market.