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Maria Eugenia Castellanos

Maria Eugenia Castellanos holds a degree in Textile Industrial Design and Fashion from the Escuela Universitaria Centro de Dise˝o (Design Center University School) - Uruguay, and a postgraduate degree in Skin and Leather from ISIA and Polimoda ľ both in Florence, Italy -, and UniversitÓ ôLa Sapienzaö, Rome. She has an MBA in Fashion Business from IBMODA (Brazilian Fashion Institute) and UCS (University of Caxias do Sul). She taught Accessories Design at the Centro de Dise˝o Industrial (Industrial Design Center) in Montevideo, Uruguay. In Brazil, she worked in export companies in the field of product design and development for the brands Cole Haan, 1803 Banana Republic, Victor Hugo, Jinga Shoes, Guess, and Polo Ralph Lauren. She also worked in the development of footwear, clothing and components for clients in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, United Kingdom, and United States. She runs Est˙dio Eugenia Castellanos in Novo Hamburgo, where she develops projects in collaboration with the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Manufactured Goods (Assintecal) and Instituto By Brasil (By Brasil Institute) in the area of fashion consulting in product design for Brazilian and Latin American companies in the textile, components and footwear sectors within the scope of the Identity Project. As a consultant for the Inspirations Forum, now called Inspiramais Connection, Maria Eugenia has provided her services to companies and given talks on related issues since 2007. In this event in previous years, companies assisted by Castellanos won fifty-six Top 20
awards, three Transformers awards and various Primus Inter Pares awards in the Design category, as well as several Lanšamentos Fimec (Fimec Launches) awards in this same category.