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Daiana Ruschel Rosa

Daiana Ruschel Rosa graduated in Visual Arts from the State University of Rio Grande do Sul. She also holds a degree as a Footwear Technician from the Footwear Technological Center of the National Service for Industrial Training (Senai). In addition, she has a Master's Degree in Design from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. She worked in footwear companies like Calçados Beira Rio, Vulcabras Azaleia and Arezzo&Co. For three years she coordinated Wolfstore’s product development department.Her main object of study lies within the areas of Product Development and Process, Surface Design, and Sustainability. Daiana currently runs her own office and provides consulting services in the fields of product development, creative management, and fashion and academic research. She has knowledge about creative processes and finishing of laminates, fabrics, metal fittings, soles, heels, ornaments, leather, and shoes.